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    How to reduce your business costs

    If you are buying wholesale jewellery then you are halfway there when it comes to keeping your business expenses down. However, buying stock is only one aspect of running a profitable small business, and whether you run your company part time or it is your sole source of income, how much you spend on overheads can seriously affect your returns. In short, the less cash you spend, the more you get to keep. So, here’s a few tips to help you to reduce your business costs.


    Work out your costs


    Before you decide how to cut your business costs, you need to know exactly how much you are spending. Look at how much you spend with wholesale dealers, the cost of your premises, postage, packaging, employees, website hosting and advertising fees. Write it all down no matter how little. It helps to use bank statements or invoices for reference.


    Be honest about what you need to run your business effectively


    When you look at your business expenses, it might surprise you just how much you spend. However, while some costs might be excessive, others are essential if you are going to run your business effectively. For example, there is no point buying poor quality stock because it is cheaper, as this will disappoint your customers and harm your profits. But if you are spending a fortune on premises then it might be worth looking at if you can move to a cheaper place or move your shop online. Similarly if you are spending a lot on staff wages, it might be worth employing freelancers as and when you need them.


    If you buy stock in bulk, ask your wholesale supplier if they will give you a discount if you buy more. It could save you a fortune. When you fill out your tax returns don’t forget to deduct all your expenses from your total earnings. Lots of businesses pay too much tax because they don’t take this into consideration when doing their accounts. If you are spending too much on advertising or web hosting, shop around for the best deal but make sure the service is still up to scratch. Talk to other business owners and read online reviews to help. The key is to maintain quality while cutting costs. It takes time but in the long run can really pay off.



    3 things to consider before buying from wholesale dealers

    If you are a business owner, market trader or entrepreneur you will know that keeping overheads down and profits up is essential for maximising profit. As such, it makes sense to buy your stock from wholesale dealers.  But with so many websites selling merchandise in bulk how can you tell the difference between a great deal and a headache waiting to happen?


    1. Choose wholesale dealers who are local



    It can be tempting to use suppliers from across the globe but it can prove to be a nightmare especially when you take into consideration time differences and language barriers. That is before we even think about shipping expenses, customs and quality. Waiting weeks for an order or to rectify a mistake costs you money. Choosing UK based wholesale dealers helps you to avoid all these hiccups. However, make sure the supplier you choose has a working contact number so you can discuss any issues and they can answer any questions regarding orders.


    1. Look for wholesaler dealers who offer discounts when you buy more


    It stands to reason that if you spend more with a wholesale supplier then you should get a bigger discount but not all sellers will do this so check before you buy. While it is often tempting to buy a small amount of stock before committing to a bigger order, it is worth remembering that the more you save, the more profits you make. Shipping and VAT will also be have to be paid again if you keep buying stock in small amounts.


    1. Do your research


    TV shows like Dragon’s Den are enough to unleash the entrepreneur in all of us but any successful business owner will tell you that one of the most important aspects of business is research. Work out what sells well, who your customers are and sell your produce where they will be. Ask your supplier what their best sellers are and consider your marketing campaign before you spend any cash. Also consider how long they have been around and whether you can get the items you are purchasing again. Nothing puts a dampener on a business like their best selling items being out of stock. So be careful to choose a wholesaler and distributor that’s reliable and well established. Sell4Profit offer artificial jewellery wholesale, and as we have been around for almost two decades you can rest assured you will get the best deal and fantastic quality whether you want to buy gold-plated chains, wholesale watches, or a combination of jewels. Get in touch for your bulk order discount today.


    How to make a success of your costume jewellery business

    If you want add a little sparkle to your life then running your own jewellery business is just the way to do it. Don’t worry you don’t need to start carving stones and crafting rings, you can buy artificial jewellery wholesale at very affordable prices and our tips will help you get started.


    Make a plan for your jewellery business


    Think about where you will sell, who your customers will be, your packaging and how you will market your merchandise. It is also considering what kind of brand you will create. Are you budget? Luxurious or somewhere in between? How old are your customers? Where do they live? This will affect your pricing, packaging and the way you market your merchandise. It is better to buy wholesale jewellery as wholesale dealers provide the best value for money. So, before you start you will need to find a supplier. Work out how much it will cost to get started. Include total stock price, rent if you are opening a shop, website costs if you are opening an online store and any charges for packaging and equipment. Working this out in advance will help avoid any nasty surprises later down the line.


    Consider your customers


    One of the most important things to consider when starting a costume jewellery business is your customers. Think about who they are, what they will spend and what kind of products they will like. It is a good idea to look for trends before buying stock as this will help you to give the customers exactly what they want. Instagram, Facebook and celebrity websites are a good place to find the latest trends.  If customers ask you for something specific, listen. Keeping your customers satisfied will help your business to grow.


    Building a business takes time but it can be very rewarding. Why not start your plan today?

    3 items every jewellery enthusiast should have in their collection

    When buying wholesale artificial jewellery online it can be difficult to know which items to choose for your store. Some pieces make a statement and will only suit a certain type of customer while others are more neutral and will appeal to a wide range of jewellery shoppers.


    Classic gold chain


    Gold chains have been worn as jewellery since before Jesus walked the earth and they are still as popular as ever. They can tie and outfit together or create a statement look. Every self-respecting jewellery enthusiast has at least one gold chain in their collection and as they are timeless they never go out of fashion. 


    A stylish watch


    The watch is one of the only accessories that is both stylish and practical. Especially for those of us who have trouble keeping track of time. A classy watch accentuates your wrist and can also make an excellent statement piece. If you are savvy your timepiece can double up as a bracelet and the latest fashion watches have made this classic accessory more popular than ever.  




    One ring is never enough, especially with the wide choice available. Both women and men are fans of this fine piece of a jewellery. Stock your store with a choice of sparkling embellished rings and elegantly crafted band rings from our range of wholesale jewellery to ensure every ring enthusiast is satisfied.



    3 cheap ways to market your jewellery business

    You’ve bought your wholesale jewellery, you have a place to sell it and you are ready and waiting for orders but business is slow. Don’t lose confidence. Your lack of custom is probably nothing to do with your store or merchandise. It is more than likely due to the fact they don’t know your business is open. It doesn’t matter how good your business is if people don’t know it exists. Good advertising can boost your visibility and help improve brand awareness so it is always worth investing in. However, as a small business owner you probably don’t want to spend your entire budget on marketing. Fortunately, there are several ways you can let people know about your business without breaking the bank. Here are just a few.


    1. Use the internet


    The internet is a brilliant resource for business. It allows you to keep in touch with your loyal customers and connect with new ones. It is also the perfect place to market your business for free. If you are online retailer then it is essential but even if you have physical premises you can utilise it. It is a good idea to have social media profiles for your jewellery business. Make use of sites like facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show off your latest stock and look for new customers. Follow pages that are similar to yours and search hashtags # to find people interested in your products. If you do have premises, it is also worth finding local websites and forums and interacting on there. Comment on pictures and local events. Be friendly but don’t spam the pages and people will become familiar with your brand. Facebook and Google ads can also work well as you can spend as little as £5 a day or as much as you want. 



    1. Print flyers and posters


    Posters and flyers have been used in advertising and marketing for years and while they are old school, they are effective and reasonably cheap. They are especially helpful for local businesses because they allow you to spread the word quickly and easily. Put up posters in shops, leave flyers in takeaways, and tell anyone who will listen about your new enterprise. Once customers see how good your products are they will buy more and tell their friends and family. Put in the groundwork and watch your business grow.


    1. Be creative with your marketing


    You don’t have to spend a lot to market your business especially if you are creative. Try and come up with something that will get people talking about your costume jewellery. Competitions, giveaways and events all work well. Think about how your products relate to current events or influencers. An opening day offer could attract the crowds. Food outlets often offer discounted deals for the first day of opening or to celebrate an event. Think about who your customers are and what will entice them.