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    What is a pre-order?
    Pre-ordering is an option that allows you to order from a large selection of products with a 2- to 3-week delivery time. We work closely with suppliers to offer you a vast selection of products that we would otherwise be unable to carry.

    Why should I place a pre-order with Sell4profit?
    We are a British company with British values, holding over 15 years’ import experience. We pride ourselves on offering quality customer service from beginning to end—from the time you’re considering placing your first order with us until the package reaches your door and beyond.

    We do not focus on one-time purchases; our goal is to establish long-term business relationships that are mutually beneficial to our customers and our business. We are especially interested in working closely with business owners to source popular, high-quality products to ensure attractive profit margins for you and your customers. Call Daniel any time at 07564062385 to ask questions or learn more about Sell4profit’s services.

    Where can I find items for pre-order?
    Items available for pre-order are listed in the Pre-Order section of our website. Explore each subcategory to view total availability. Simply add the chosen pre-order items to your shopping cart. A pre-order can be placed when your cart holds a minimum subtotal of £200 of pre-order inventory. Please note that orders cannot include pre-order and non-pre-order items; non-pre-order items will be deleted from your cart if any part of your order consists of pre-order inventory.

    How do I pay for my pre-order?
    If you want the fastest and easiest processing of your order we highly recommend to check out and pay straight away, this will enable us to finalise your order and give you an accurate shipping price.

    Is pre-order available to international customers?
    Currently, pre-order is only available for UK customers and EU customers. We encourage international customers to contact us to discuss a special order.

    How do I qualify for a pre-order?
    A pre-order can be placed when your cart holds a minimum subtotal of £200 of pre-order inventory. Please contact us for a shipping estimate. For example, a £200 order of light items (e.g., 2kg in weight) may cost £20-30 to ship. A £500 order of heavy items (e.g., 10kg in weight) may cost £60-90 to ship. Feel free to phone or email before placing your order to request a shipping estimate. Alternatively, you can place your order but not pay until we provide a shipping quote.

    How long will a pre-order take to arrive?
    Once you have submitted and paid for your pre-order, we will arrange for production to start. Pre-orders are delivered 2-3 weeks after your order was placed and payment was authorized. We will notify you when we ship your order; a tracking number will be provided at that time.
    Can I cancel my pre-order?
    You can cancel a pre-order within 24 hours of placement; please note you may incur up to a 20% cancellation charge. Please contact us if you have any concerns before completing your purchase.

    Are your pre-order items of good quality?
    Yes. We are very selective of the products we choose for pre-orders. We carefully select and approve manufacturers to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.

    Can I return pre-order items?
    Our pre-order items are specially manufactured to your order; therefore, no refunds or exchanges are granted except in the following circumstances: item(s) not as described or defective. Any faulty or damaged items must be reported to us within 3 business days of receiving your order. Later claims will not be investigated. Should you have any other questions, contact us via Mobile 07564062385, Whatsapp (07564062385) , or via our contact page