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    Do you want to earn £50 credit for your next order on Bling King wholesale?

    We are introducing a referral program that will allow you to refer genuine resellers to our Bling King Wholesale in exchange for a discount on your next wholesale order. All you have to do is refer someone that places a minimum of 2 wholesale orders within 3 months. We will then reward YOU with a £50 credit that can be applied to your next order. And remember, the person does not have to be a relative or friend, maybe you connected with someone on social media or your local pub and shared your new exciting business venture with them, send them over if they have a genuine interest then we do too.

    Don’t forget to tell them to mention your name when they place their first order, we will note this down and as soon as they have made their second wholesale order you will see a credit appear on your wholesale account.

    What makes our referral program so great is that there is no limit to the number of referred sellers you send our way. If they are genuine resellers and are ready to enter the market of selling fashion-forward jewellery then we are happy to welcome them as a retailer of Bling King UK jewellery.

    Send them to our Wholesale Membership Page and receive a reward for your participation.

    Any questions drop us a line.

    All the best,